Guías de actuación de emergencia

Las guías de urgencias de Orphanet son artículos escritos y revisados por expertos. Pretenden guiar a los profesionales de la salud en situaciones de emergencia que se producen en pacientes afectados por una de las enfermedades raras listadas a continuación.


Information in Orphanet is updated on a regular basis.It may happen that new discoveries are made in between updates and do not yet appear in the disease profile. The date of the last update is always indicated. Professionals are always encouraged to consult the most recent publications before making any decisions based on the information provided.

Orphanet emergency guidelines are produced in French and translated and adapted in 7 languages. Translated guidelines are validated by Emergency learned societies or by experts in each translation country. However, Orphanet emergency guidelines are not yet available in the 7 languages of Orphanet or for all rare diseases.

Some emergency guidelines are produced by partner learned societies.

The provided information is based on published scientific articles. These general texts may not apply to specific cases, due to the extensive variability of disease expression. It is of the utmost importance to check with a medical professional if the information is relevant or not to a specific case.