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Welcome to the webpage of the Orphanet Cyprus team!

This page presents the news, events and documents of national significance.
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rare diseases, orphan drugs and expert services, Cyprus included.




News in Cyprus


Rare Diseases Day in Cyprus



The first National Plan for Rare Diseases has been approved by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus in December 2012. This strategic plan developed a policy framework based on principles of high quality care, equity and to be patient centered. The plan is divided into 5 main actions: prevention and early detection, diagnosis and management of rare diseases, supportive measures and societal inclusion of patients with rare diseases, recording (based on Orphanet database and coding system) and research in the field of rare diseases. This National Plan was the product of collaborative work between members of the National steering group and other stake-holders including scientists, health-professionals, patient representatives and other experts.


Following the approval of the strategic plan, the Cyprus National Rare Disease Committee (CNRDC) was appointed by the Council of Ministers with the task of implementing and further developing this plan. The CNRDC is a 14 member committee which consists of professionals and patient representatives. Secretarial and administrative support is provided by the Ministry of Health.


The first meeting of the CNRDC took place on the 30th  of January 2013. The committee is planning to celebrate Rare Diseases Day 2013 on the 6th of March with an open meeting/event which will give floor to patients. An invitation to this meeting can be downloaded from here



March Events on Rare Diseases in Cyprus

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