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Orphanet provides information on diagnostic tests able to establish a diagnosis of a rare disease and that need a rare technical competence, or that is the best standard in a given country. Constitutional genetic tests are also registered for non-rare diseases, for diseases with a genetic susceptibility and for pharmacogenetics. Tests should be offered in a clinical setting.

Enter your requested disease name or gene name/symbol to access this information.

The results can be sorted either geographically (by country, region and city, in alphabetical order), or by specificity (from those more focused on a particular disease to those specialised in a group of diseases including the disease you were looking for).


You can refine your search using the following set of filters:

  • - specialty (e.g. molecular genetics, cytogenetics)
  • - objective (e.g. targeted mutation analysis, methylation analysis)
  • - technique (e.g. Sanger sequencing, PCR based techniques)
  • - purpose (e.g. antenatal diagnosis, pharmacogenetics)
  • - quality management data (accreditation or EQA)
  • - country

Each option displays the number of tests available, in brackets. Click on a specific diagnostic test in the results list to have more details including the laboratories where the test is being performed. Click here to access the technical procedure details with a complete glossary of all terms used.

It is possible to select several criteria at once. Once the choice is made, click on OK to filter the data according to an AND filter. This means that the results will need to match all of the criteria selected. The maximum number of results is 400; if you exceed this limit you should narrow down your search. If you obtain 0 results, your search is too restrictive, and you can click on RESET to go back to the original search page.

Accréditation Accreditation is a formal recognition of a technical competence to perform specific types of testing by complying with specific management and technical requirements.

CQE EQA (External Quality Assessment) is a system of objectively assessing the laboratory’s performance by an external agency (known as EQA providers) through the comparison of the laboratory’s performance against an agreed independent standard. Information on EQA participation is yearly provided by Cystic Fibrosis European Network, Genomics Quality Assessment (GenQA) and the European Molecular Genetics Network (EMQN) with the consent of the concerned laboratories.

You can access related Orphanet datasets in an aggregated format through Orphadata after signature of a Data Transfer Agreement/Service Contract.


Data collection takes place in Orphanet Consortium countries and is currently ongoing. The database cannot yet be regarded as comprehensive. If a clinical laboratory is not listed in a region or a country, it may not have been identified or the laboratory may have refused to be listed. It is also possible that diagnostic testing facilities do not yet exist for all rare diseases or in every region.

Information in Orphanet is not intended to replace professional health care. Orphanet cannot be held responsible for harmful, truncated or erroneous use of any information found in the Orphanet database.