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ORPHA:85212   (Subtype of disorder)   Fetal Gaucher disease

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Synonym(s) : Perinatal lethal Gaucher disease

ORPHA:355   (Disorder)   Gaucher disease

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ORPHA:77259   (Subtype of disorder)   Gaucher disease type 1

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Synonym(s) : Non-cerebral juvenile Gaucher disease

ORPHA:77260   (Subtype of disorder)   Gaucher disease type 2

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Synonym(s) : Infantile cerebral Gaucher disease ; Acute neuronopathic Gaucher disease

ORPHA:77261   (Subtype of disorder)   Gaucher disease type 3

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Synonym(s) : Chronic neuronopathic Gaucher disease ; Gaucher disease, subacute neuronopathic type ; Cerebral juvenile and adult form of Gaucher disease

ORPHA:2072   (Subtype of disorder)   Gaucher disease-ophthalmoplegia-cardiovascular calcification syndrome

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Synonym(s) : Gaucher-like disease ; Gaucher disease type 3C ; Cardiovascular Gaucher disease