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ORPHA:399   (Disorder)   Huntington disease

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Synonym(s) : Huntington chorea

ORPHA:157941   (Disorder)   Huntington disease-like 1

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ORPHA:98934   (Disorder)   Huntington disease-like 2

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ORPHA:157946   (Disorder)   Huntington disease-like 3

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ORPHA:158266   (Group of disorders)   Huntington disease-like syndrome

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Synonym(s) : Huntington disease phenocopy syndrome

ORPHA:401901   (Disorder)   Huntington disease-like syndrome due to C9ORF72 expansions

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Synonym(s) : C9ORF72-related Huntington disease phenocopy ; C9ORF72-related Huntington disease-like syndrome ; Huntington disease phenocopy due to C9ORF72 expansions

ORPHA:248111   (Disorder)   Juvenile Huntington disease

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Synonym(s) : Juvenile Huntington chorea

ORPHA:98759   (Disorder)   Spinocerebellar ataxia type 17

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Synonym(s) : Huntington disease-like 4