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ORPHA:79230   (Disorder)   Hemochromatosis type 2

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Synonym(s) : Juvenile hemochromatosis

ORPHA:225123   (Disorder)   Hemochromatosis type 3

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Synonym(s) : TFR2-related hemochromatosis

ORPHA:139491   (Disorder)   Hemochromatosis type 4

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Synonym(s) : Hemochromatosis due to defect in ferroportin ; Autosomal dominant hereditary hemochromatosis

Keyword(s) : Type 4 hemochromatosis, A form ; Type 4 hemochromatosis, B form

ORPHA:447792   (Disorder)   Hemochromatosis type 5

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ORPHA:446   (Disorder)   Neonatal hemochromatosis

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ORPHA:220489   (Group of disorders)   Rare hereditary hemochromatosis

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ORPHA:465508   (Disorder)   Symptomatic form of hemochromatosis type 1

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Synonym(s) : Symptomatic form of classic hemochromatosis ; Symptomatic form of HFE-related hereditary hemochromatosis