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Orphanet provides access to an Encyclopaedia for the General Public. This encylopaedia is made up of informative texts produced by Orphanet and peer-reviewed by disease experts and dedicated patient organisations. Orphanet also publishes high-quality texts for general public produced by third parties, with their permission.

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Information in Orphanet is updated on a regular basis. It may happen that new discoveries are made in between updates and do not yet appear.

These texts are not yet available in all of the 7 Orphanet languages or for all rare diseases.

These general texts may not apply to specific cases, due to the extensive variability of disease expression. Some information may look disturbing. It is of the utmost importance to verify if the provided information is relevant or not to a specific case with a medical professional.

Information in Orphanet is not intended to replace professional health care. Orphanet cannot be held responsible for harmful, truncated or erroneous use of any information found in the Orphanet database.