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Whooping cough

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Disease definition

A rare bacterial infectious disease characterized by severe coughing paroxysms with inspiratory whooping and posttussive vomiting, caused by infection with Bordetella pertussis. After a variable incubation time, the clinical course progresses through a catarrhal stage with sore throat, nasal congestion, rhinorrhea, and mild progressive dry cough, a paroxysmal stage with the typical paroxysmal coughing, and finally convalescence. Disease duration is usually 2-3 months, often with milder presentation in adolescents and adults than in infants and children.


Classification level: Disorder

  • Pertussis

Prevalence: -

Inheritance: -

Age of onset: All ages

ICD-10: A37.0 , A37.1 , A37.8 , A37.9

ICD-11: 1C12.0 1C12.1 1C12 1C12.Y

UMLS: C0043167

MeSH: D014917

GARD: 8692

MedDRA: 10047974

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