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Heiner syndrome

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Disease definition

Heiner syndrome, also called cow's milk hypersensitivity, is a food induced pulmonary hypersensiting syndrome that affects primarily infants and that is characterized by pulmonary hemosiderosis (see this term), digestive bleeding, anemia and poor growing, improving with elimination of cow's milk from the diet.


Classification level: Subtype of disorder

  • Cow's milk hypersensitivity

Prevalence: -

Inheritance: -

Age of onset: Infancy

ICD-10: E83.1+ , J99.8*

ICD-11: CB05.5

A summary on this disease is available in Français (2012) Español (2012) Deutsch (2012) Italiano (2012) Nederlands (2012) Ελληνικά (2012.pdf)
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